Hong Kong
HK WebAccess 8.0 WA1
Japan WebAccess
Thailand WebAccess
India WebAccess
IDWallem Hong Kong
IDWallem WebAccess
ShangHai Office
ShangHai WebAccess
FescoWallem Hong Kong
FescoWallem WebAccess
SG WebAccess 8.0 WA1
WSM PH WebAccess 8.0 WA1
Germany Server 8.0
WIS Clark
WIS-Clark WebAccess
Branding - Corporate font
Powerpoint template
Save/Copy to below location: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

Employee Self Service System
HK users can use this facility to manage their Aunnal Leave

Wallem People System
HR system

Network File Access
HK users can use this facility to access files on their O:\ G:\ and U:\ drives over the Internet. Remember to LOGOUT afterwards.

Email Archive System
HK users can use this facility to access their Email archive over the Internet. Remember to LOGOUT afterwards.

File Transfer System
A strong SSL encryption file tranfer system for sending files up to 250MB to email users without attaching the files at the email.
A dropbox is a way for someone to send files to you. You can send the link, post on a website or include in your email signature.

e-Filing Web Access

Change Network Password
If your network password has expired, you can use this link to create a new password, that will automatically be synchronized with your iPass & VPN password.
Note, it will NOT change your GroupWise password - i.e the one you enter after selecting the Gateway from the selection at the top of this page.

Email Reference Generator
You can use this function to acquire a reference number for your email.

Email Software Downloads
GroupWise 8 Client for Windows
GroupWise 8 Client for Mac----Installation Guide
GroupWise 8 Client for Linux----Installation Guide
MobileSyn Setup Guide

ShoreTel Software Download
ShoreTel Communicator Application

Ipass Software Downloads
Ipass Open Mobile PC Installer---- Installation Guide
iOS User Guide
Android User Guide

Filr Software Downloads
Novell Filr Desktop Application for 32Bit Windows
Novell Filr Desktop Application for 64Bit Windows
Novell Filr Desktop Application for Windows Quick Start
Launch Novell Filr - Web Access

WIS Remote Support
WIS Remote Support Client

Mobile Tariff & Service Information
CSL Report LOST / STOLEN Mobile Phone +852 2888 1010
CSL IDD Roaming Tariff & Usage Guidelines
CSL Blackberry Tariff, Access & Usage Guidelines
CSL Blackberry Helpdesk Tel: +852 3447 9099 (overseas [800] 3447 9099)
Stratos 24x7 Helpdesk: +1 709-748-4226 (33# from Terminal)
Globe Wireless 24x7 Helpdesk: +1 321-308-0112

Sending a FAX from Groupwise